The Best of September 2007

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September was another great month at Raising4Boys, thanks in large part to contributions from readers such as yourself. We just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who stop by and comment. If you like what you see here, keep in mind that you can have the full-text of everything that we write delivered to you via RSS or e-mail (details). Here are our favorite posts from the month of September:

» Tricks to Ensure Good Behavior in Kindergarten
» Peace and Quiet – At Long Last!
» How to Build a Double (or Single) Desk on the Cheap
» The Stress of Kindergarten
» Kindergarten Stress Revisited
» Building a Double Desk, Part 2: Finishing the Desktop
» Dealing With Preschool Separation Anxiety
» Building a Double Desk: Installing the Finished Product
» Kids and Braces: Losing a Retainer
» Planning a Ten Year Old Birthday Party
» Lost Retainer Resurfaces (Just in the Nick of Time)
» How to Praise Children

And here are my favorites from FiveCentNickel (subscribe):

» The High Cost of Low Risk Investing
» Refilling a Toothpaste Tube for Fun and Convenience
» Front Loading Washer and Dryer Recommendations?
» Q&A: Using IRA Funds to Purchase a Home Outside the U.S.
» High Electric Bills and the Battle Against Increasing Energy Costs
» “Borrowing” Money from an IRA
» Q&A: Using IRA Funds to Pay Off a Student Loan
» Getting a New Treo 755p on a Sprint PCS SERO Plan
» Dealing With Found Money
» Dealing With Found Money, Followup
» Vanguard Reduces Barrier to Entry for Voyager Services
» Q&A: Debt Reduction Strategy
» Deducting Disciplinary Fines as a Business Expense
» Mobile Money: Five Tips For Managing Your Finances on the Go
» Switching to a Bank of America Money Market Account
» Q&A: Dave Ramsey and Debt Reduction

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